OT pools a wide variety of resources to facilitate synergies between research and clinical players.

Organoids services platforms

Developing platforms or centers that create organoids on demand allow researchers to study biology closer to physiological conditions and it contributes toward personalized medicine. In this section, you will find strategic information on the platforms that have agreed to be listed on the OT website.

Clinical Trials

OT references American and European clinical trial registers.

Centres of expertise

The centers of expertise play a major role in the implementation of innovative protocols based on the use of organoid technology in research and personalized medicine programs.  You will find in this section a list of centers which have accepted to be referenced on this website in the perspective of new collaborations.

Working groups

The use of organoids in research, precision medicine, regenerative medicine as well as in new predictive or therapeutic clinical approaches raise new questions addressed within working groups accessible from this section.